How to combine pleasure, passion and investment with wine

Wine has everything to seduce investors, it can be both an investment and a pleasure.U’Wine, which is approved by the AMF, proposes innovative offers.Thomas Hébrard, its founder, explains his approach.

For any investor looking for an alternative investment, a wine collection is an original and credible idea, just like vintage cars, for example.

Thomas Hébrard, the founder of U’Wine, has undertaken discussions with the supervisory authority “at the start of the company” in 2014 in order to obtain the famous visa.

This customer protection approach is more generally in line with U’Wine’s approach, which consists of placing “the customer and/or investor in an environment where they have no friction, where we answer all the questions they might have: Which wine should I buy? How do I resell it? Where to store it? When should I taste it? … “

U’Wine caters to two types of customers: the consumer and the investor for whom the company designs and manages cellars.” We select for them the 1% of the best wines from the finest terroirs”, he explains, adding: “Our investment strategy consists of buying the Grands Crus en primeur wines in order to offer our clients the first purchase price and to select the so-called ‘nuggets of tomorrow'”.

Bottles at a price of around 20 euros chosen from among the 135 partner estates and the 497 wines in the selection that the new-generation wine merchant hopes to see enhanced. The customer will not receive them for two years. To diversify the “vintage” risk, purchases are spread over several years.

U’Wine also handles sales.” There is no transfer from one investor to another, says Thomas Hébrard. We are true brand enhancers for the Domaines. The company reaches end customers via channels completely separate from the classic distribution networks, wine shops, hotels and restaurants. The target clientele is mainly Asian, which it serves through its local partnerships. “The idea is to seek out the consumers of tomorrow and to transform this new clientele into mature and enlightened buyers,” argues the founder of U’Wine.

In fact, 60% of the grands crus are consumed by Chinese amateurs and 20% by Americans.

The first investment offer consists of a management mandate.U’Wine buys the wines on behalf of its client, manages its cellar (storage, transport and insurance), and sells or delivers the wines according to its desires.

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