And the whiskey became French

"Today, customers come to buy a French whiskey that they have already tasted and appreciated.They are no longer in the pure discovery, rejoices Matthieu Acar, manager of the boutique & Fine Spirits, the other Parisian address of La Maison du Whiskey, 6, carrefour de l'Odéon.Result: the fifteen references offered three more years ago have given way to a good fifty tricolor malts on the shelves, which have recorded good growth, "+ 30% of the turnover business in 2018, ”he adds.

With nearly 150 million bottles swallowed up each year, France has carved out a reputation for itself as the world's largest whiskey drinker and a clientele of discerning connoisseurs, particularly fond of Scottish single malts and Japanese whiskey.

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However, the volumes produced in France do not reach 2 million bottles per year."Compared to the three centuries of existence of Scottish whiskey and its 1.2 billion bottles produced each year, the tricolor story, which began there is thirty years old by the Breton distillery Warenghem, and truly significant over the past five years with the explosion in the number of distilleries, is still in its infancy ”, tempers Christine Lambert, journalist and author (1).the quantities are still anecdotal, the qualitative dimension of French production cannot be denied."

And for good reason ! Since 2017, France has adopted a decree requiring that the term “single malt” be reserved only for spirits made from malted barley that have aged for at least three years.“Only Scotland applied this rule until then ", recalls Christine Lambert.A year earlier, the Federation of whiskey of France was created and defined the contours of what was the blue-white-red beverage: brewing, fermentation, distillation and aging must be carried out on our territory.

Posted Date: 2020-11-18

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